Changing the IP on the domain

Thanks to this function, we can change the originally drawn  IP address for the domain at any time, so that we can differentiate even more IP addresses.

In the case of duplicates, we can change the geolocation and Autonomous System.


Change IP - step 1

Select the “Domains” option In the main menu.


Change IP - step 2

In the list of installed domains, choose the domain you want to change the IP address of and click “WP Management”, next to this domain.


Change IP - step 3

In this section, you’ll get information about the currently configured IP address and Autonomous System that the IP address belongs to.

To change the IP address, click the “Change IP” button.


Change IP - step 4

The drop-down list shows the available IP addresses, which is where you can choose a new IP address for the domain.

Change the IP address and to confirm, click “Change”.


Change IP - step 5

If the change of the IP address is successful, the upper part of the panel displays an appropriate message with information about the revised IP address domain.

A few hours must pass before you can change the IP for all analytical tools.

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