Creating domain groups

Domain Groups are one of the most important tasks to complete before we publish posts on WordPress. Without the division of the domain into groups, we cannot publish anything on the domains.

Managing multiple domains can be tricky if we don’t group them accordingly. The division of the domain into groups is important, especially when you want to publish texts within different themes.


Creating domain groups - step 1

Select the “Groups” option in the main menu.


Creating domain groups - step 2

This view shows the current created groups.

In order to create a new group, select the “Create a group” option.


Creating domain groups - step 3

You can specify the name of your domain group in the panel (1), by choosing the best description. For demonstration purposes, let’s call it Group 1.

Next choose a domain that will be included in a group. Let’s choose all seven domains that we have available in the panel SEOUPPER (2).

Confirm the creation of the group with the “Submit” button.


Creating domain groups - step 4

The creation of the group will be confirmed by the information given on the banner.

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