Domains installation

This SEOUPPERs’ function allows you to install hundreds of domains all at the same time, all on:

  • different IP addresses,
  • different “C” classes,
  • different Data Center,
  • different GEO – country,
  • from multiple Autonomous Systems.

WordPress CMSes are also automatically installed during the domains’ installation.


Installation - step 0

After logging into the SEOUPPER panel.

Choose the “Add a domain” option.


Installation - step 1

The next step is adding a list of domains. Each domain has to be added on a separate line.

During this step, we can track the origin of the IP addresses. We can also set the IP drawing from the same country pool, or from all available IP addresses (from all countries).

  • Paste a list of domains,
  • set the country for your  IP addresses to United States (example),
  • then click Next.


Installation - step 2

The next step is to confirm the randomly selected IP addresses and Autonomous Systems. During this step, we can change the randomly selected IP addresses and Autonomous Systems into others from the list. We can also go back to the previous step and change the domain.

Click “Confirm” to go to the next step.


Installation - step 3

Installed domains are presented on the screen with the IP addresses, their origins and Autonomous Systems (AS) numbers. A percentage of utilization resources available is presented below (these are: the amount of domains that can be installed on the same account, used IP addresses and number of used Autonomous Systems).

The last installation step is the installation summary.


Installation - step 4

Domains which we added can be found in the “Pending Domains” section. This lists all the domains that we have added to the system with information:

About the DNS addresses that should be assigned to the domains.

Read: ‎

This will contain information about the progress of the installation procedure, with one of the statuses:

  • Commission – The domain is reffered to be installed
  • Installation – The domain is in the installation process
  • Testing – Checking if the domain has the right DNS
  • Reloading – The domain is waiting for the server to be reloaded and the WordPress installation.

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