Editing a Project

Editing a project allows you to make changes to the project.

For example, you can edit entries, change images, move entries to other domains, or change the entries’ publication date and most importantly, change links.


Editing project - step 1

In the main menu, select “Projects”.


Editing project - step 2

Depending on whether you want to edit the project that is in progress, (not yet published) or an already completed project.

Select “Projects in Progress”, or “Completed Projects”.

We will choose “Completed Projects”.


Editing project - step 3

Select “Edit” for the project you want to edit.

We chose to edit the project that had just been created, the test project.

Next to the “Edit Project” option, you can find the “Duplicate” option. This option allows you to create a project with the same data, which can be freely modified. Via clicking “Duplicate”, we’re being brought to the view of creating the project with a form that has data that was used to create this project previously.


Editing project - step 4

Editing the project looks identical to the 2nd step of creating it.

We can see all of the articles displayed by the categories of:

  • titles,
  • tags,
  • dates of publication,
  • according to the time zone set on WordPress.

When editing posts for instance, we change the date of publication.

For approval of the changes click “Next”.


Editing project - step 5

The next step is project submission.

Elements that have been changed are underlined (it concerns the changes of the project name and the date of publication of the first and the last post).

To confirm the changes that have been made, click “Confirm”.

After confirming the changes, the project is being booted up, so it is being placed on a list of projects in realization.

Changes will only be displayed after the re-publication of the project posts.

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