Editing domain groups

The groups that you created for the domains can be edited freely, as you can change the domain belonging to the group and rename it.


Editing domain groups - step 1

Select the “Groups” option from the main menu.


Editing domain groups - step 2

Select “Edit” for the group you want to edit, or “Delete”, if you want to remove a group of domains.

Let’s move on to edit a previously created group, Group 1, by selecting the “Edit” button next to it. It is worth mentioning that the removal of the group will not delete projects or entries added to WordPress in this group.


Editing domain groups - step 3

To delete the last domain in the group list, simply deselect it.

Changes to the group will be confirmed with the “Submit” button.


Editing domain groups - step 4

The confirmation of all saved changes will be displayed as an alert at the top of the screen.

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