WP Synchronization

The WP synchronization function is primarily used when adding different content to WordPresses using the WordPress admin panel, and not through the SEOUPPER panel.

Synchronization allows you to download articles added through the WordPress panel to the SEOUPPER. Additionally, the synchronization includes amendments to the articles added by SEOUPPPER, and later edited by the WordPress administration panel.


WP Synchronization - step 1

Select the “Domains” option in the main menu.


WP Synchronization - step 2

Select the “WP Management” option next to the domain for which you want to synchronize.


WP Synchronization - step 3

Click the “Synchro” button, which will activate the synchronization.


WP Synchronization - step 4

Reporting the domain to synchronization is confirmed by the banner with the proper information displayed.


WP Synchronization - step 5

If you added some entries through the WordPress panel, after the synchronization they will be located in a special section in SEOUPPER.

Select the “Projects” option from the main menu and then click on “Imported posts”.


WP Synchronization - step 6

Gathered here are all the WordPress posts, imported as a result of synchronization.

We can add these imported entries to a new project by selecting the option on the bottom of the menu “Assign to an existing project”.

Then, we can add the imported entry to one of the previously created projects.

Another option is to create a new project, which will include one or more of the imported posts.

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